My Camera Gear

People say gear doesn’t matter and it is the photographer, but I am a gear geek. For me half the pleasure of photography is the […]

Post Processing Tutorial – Reflections

I always get questions about my camera and lenses and the settings that I use to take the photos, but frankly that is only half […]

Shooting Strangers – Conquering Personal Fears…

There is something so intimate about photographing a person, especially a stranger. When a stranger lets you take their photograph, they let you into their […]

Iceland – A short trip to a gorgeous country

I call this trip an Iceland sampler tour as we only got to spend 5 days, too short to take in the gorgeous sights that […]

Cherry Blossoms at UW

University of Washington campus is one of the best places in town to take pictures of cherry blossoms in spring. Belly dancing and Cherry blossoms […]

Seattle Top 12 Photo Spots

Have you ever wondered where a particular photo of Seattle skyline was taken from? Are you planning a visit to Seattle and want to find […]

Post Processing Tutorial – Focus Stacking in Photoshop

I have been doing pretty much all my photo edits in Lightroom. I occasionally use Adobe Photoshop Elements to do some┬áminor tweaks like scene cleansing, […]